Partnership Programme

Want to earn extra from We have prepared an excellent partnership program for you that will increase your profitability and help you build own partnership structure with passive income.
First of all, conditions are suitable for any user registered on our corporate website. Each account has a unique partnership link for the registration of new users and animated banners to attract additional attention on forums, social networks and personal blogs.

How to attract new investors?
Access your personal link that looks like this in your account, where USER is your username. Copy the link and send to the person you want to register in our investment program. After clicking on the link, the main page of the website will open. This means that the required data are already contained in the cookies, and that the user will become your direct referral upon the registration of a new user account. Please note that for the registration of relatives on your PC, you must first clear the cookies file.
How to use the animated banner?
In the “Promotion materials”, there are banners in several sizes depending on the requirements of online resource where you want to place them. The banner is a piece of HTML code that is enough to copy and to place in the necessary location. If someone clicks on your banner, s/he gets on our website. After the account registration, s/he becomes your referral.
When will I get partnership bonus?
As soon as the deposit of your referral (the person who has been registered using your partnership link) is loaded, you will receive a bonus in the amount of 5%. Please note that if your referral makes a deposit from the account balance, the bonus is not paid!
How many partnership commission levels does offer?
In addition to compensation for deposits of your direct referrals, you receive a commission for the deposits of investors who have been invited by your referrals, as well as from people who are invited by those investors. In other words, partnership system is three-level and brings you a commission of 5%, 2% and 1%, depending on the level of the referral.



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